COisG 84: The Man With The Golden Pod (Goldeneye)

Who You Gonna Call?.. 007

The men and/or women want to be with him.  The women and/or men want to be him.  And if you are both and/or neither and you do or don't it's perfectly cool.  We've evolved.  Maybe... maybe just drink a martini.  Shaken and/or stirred.  There's no wrong way.  Just drink alcohol.

The one where The Good Guys watch Goldeneye

Sweded Trailer 1:55
Box Office Game 3:00
Breakdown 6:35
POp Quiz 59:45
COisG or COisB 1:14:15

The Good Guys:  Regan, Rob, and Ryan
Producer:  Eric 'e0n' Chung
Engineers:  Regan & Eric
Social Media Strategist:  @syndicatepoogie
Trailer Music and FX courtesy of Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Ye Oldeneye
You Only Line 0nce
Say his name
Brand, James Brand
Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Featured background music playlist:
Arcadia, Fractals, Agent Cooper, and VHS Memory  by  White Bat Audio
Background music for POP Quiz is Worship The night by  White Bat Audio

Theme music is Battle (Boss) by BoxCat Games and is licensed under CC BY 3.0
Additional music is Against the Wall by BoxCat Games and is licensed under CC BY 3.0