COisG 85: Raise Arms, Bend Knees, and POD!!! (One Cut Of The Dead)

Don't Stop Shooting! ACTION!!!

Watch this movie before exploring the show notes, watching the trailer, or listening to the show. 

The one where The Good Guys watch One Cut Of The Dead 
One Cut Of The Dead Mission: Remote 

Sweded Trailer 1:30 
Box Office Game 2:20 
Breakdown 9:52 
Pop Quiz 45:25 
COisG or CoisB 59:00 

The Good Guys:  Regan, Rob, and Ryan 
Producer:  Eric 'e0n' Chung 
Engineers:  Regan & Eric 
Social Media Strategist:  @syndicatepoogie 
Trailer Music and FX courtesy of Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio 

One Punch Of The Devil 
One Hammer Of The Old 
One Hammer Of The New 
One Punch Of The Sucker 
One Sucker Of A Punch 
One Flat Circle Of Time 
Eight Weapons Of Muay Thai 
One Cut Then You're Dead 

Featured background music playlist: 
Arcadia, Cold Case, Feel The Heat, Race Against Sunset, Worship The night  by  White Bat Audio 
Background music for POP Quiz is In Search Of Sanity by  White Bat Audio 

Theme music is Battle (Boss) by BoxCat Games and is licensed under CC BY 3.0 
Additional music is Against the Wall by BoxCat Games and is licensed under CC BY 3.0